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9 of the Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples You’ve Ever

1. Get paid for reading them

In the age of modern mail marketing, email marketing is becoming a necessity and one of the most successful strategies to boost your business sales. But there are many different ways you can use this strategy in your business; let’s take a look at some examples, which will help in understanding the concept better! Also check out our best free email marketing software.

Google AdWords, Google Mail Chimp & Hubspot are three popular options to start with.

Google AdWords

A popular PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising platform by Google, Google Ads is another option inbound marketing that helps in generating revenue for businesses. With over 15 million advertisers using it worldwide, it gives you an easy way of getting targeted traffic. Not only that, but if done right, the ads also offer an unbeatable user experience and more importantly a great ROI. This is what makes it so powerful as a referral tool too. One needn’t have any coding skills or expertise to get started with this campaign platform!


Mailchimp is yet another SaaS (software-as-a-service) service available in the market today. It offers an unmatched integration with all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc., making it an ideal fit for marketers who want to expand their reach on such platforms. And as a result, they can generate higher quality leads with less effort and time. Additionally, they offer custom lead generation tools to attract prospects that are interested in purchasing from your brand!


This was among the first things I learned when starting a new business. When it comes to digital marketing, SEO seems like an obsolete game now days. The Internet has proven its relevance and importance in almost every industry of marketing today. That being said, search engines have become a necessary part of every online company since it offers an unlimited pool of potential customers. Using a digital marketing campaign platform such as HiveSpot helps companies leverage both organic and pay-based campaigns easily and quickly.

HiveSpot is a fast and effective solution for building brand awareness, attracting leads, conducting competitor analysis, and delivering valuable customer experiences.

2. Build influencers

This article includes 5 best influencer marketing examples to build awareness for products, brands/services & services. If you are looking for the best influencer platform to get maximum benefits, then you should consider creating your own influencer account and using various tools to manage your followers.

Best influencer marketing example

Humble Bundle with 20,000+ fans

The Humble Bundle has managed to achieve success due to having 20,000+ fans. People across the world are loving this product because of the uniqueness it offers to users. Besides a large number of celebrity endorsers and prominent figures like Bill Gates, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and even Barack Obama, this product is also renowned for its outstanding reviews and ratings!

Opinion Articles

Opinions are another very important source of earnings for businesses. In fact, according to Statista, 65% of the total income in India is spent on opinion sites. The reason for this is the huge amount of data we receive on these platforms. In addition to that, high level of engagement also goes hand in hand with them. The average monthly click-through rate (CTR) on opinion sites has increased steadily over the past few years. According to Business Insider, the CTR of an opinion site is around 30%, and here are some reasons why this is a smart move.

First, the internet is increasingly becoming a place, where people share their thoughts with everyone else. Hence it’s no longer just about sharing your personal story. Instead, you can publish informative content to educate your audience and generate money by doing so.

Second, you can create your own blog and earn through it too. There are multiple ways you can adapt your blog. Check out how to set up and run your own blog in this article. To learn the process and choose the right option, read this articles!

3. Create websites and apps

The present world is brimming with stunning administrations and assets from numerous expert sites and applications making it very fundamental for business people to construct their organisations as well as use them for acquiring more income. Creating website and app is also really important. To do effective business on ecommerce, it is advisable to learn web development and developing your own website and app. As soon as possible after learning web design and development, you can make an application within minutes.

You can either choose to host your app or make an app for your store too! To learn how to get started with web designing, download free Web App Builder from the link below. For developers, this is something which has been around for decades. They provide developers in just a few clicks. After the development time, users can access various premium features of your app. In addition to that, the users will have faster access to your store. Thus, promoting the businesses.

4. Use social media management platforms

Online media has become staggeringly vital in assisting organisations with acquiring prevalence around the world. Long range interpersonal communication stages are utilised to make buzz and create leads by acquiring an impressive after. Moreover, they allow organisations to promote themselves directly to their target audiences. So, it’s essential for business owners to use social networks effectively to grow rapidly. Several social media managers use the most recent trend, which is Influencer marketing, to develop their business.

As per Infosec, 95% of top 100 global brands use Influencers & Branding to drive traffic. Social Media experts say that this technique will help you increase your visibility, while remaining true to your core values! Here are some tips on social marketing in this post:

  • Always go for authentic photos
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Don’t try and play politics at once
  • Be careful with promotions
  • Don’t forget the power of word-of-mouth advertising

5. Become a mobile developer

Mobile apps are becoming extremely popular in the tech industry. Nowadays, anyone without a smartphone can create an app with just a mobile phone. You can even develop apps to engage with millennials from diverse culture and lifestyle segments. Furthermore, developers are providing multiple opportunities. You can find a job in the app development sector.

Learn how to create an iOS app using this step-by-step tutorial.

You can learn Android apps development on this free and easy guide.

6. Grow Your Sales Online

This next trend towards selling your products or services online is growing exponentially, especially as we begin to see more companies adopting this strategy. By becoming an expert in online shopping, you can improve your ranking in search engine results, and therefore increase your sales immensely. And that means not only you can sell yourself but also, you can earn more sales from other companies as well! This is certainly exciting news for sellers!

7. Manage your CRM and ERP systems using Zapier

Managing your CRM systems can be complex and difficult for many enterprises. Nonetheless, Zapier permits to make these activities a lot more straightforward. By automating CRM and ERP systems you can ensure efficient supply chain management and automate much of the routine operations done manually by employees. Simply plugging in transactional information into a database, which stores all transactions made throughout your organization for each business customer, enables your staff to focus on running, managing and accounting for customer relationships. Automation ensures greater efficiency.

8. Make Chatbots in Your Company

When it comes to chatbot applications, it’s not uncommon that a person might think that he’s using bots on his website. Indeed, this latest technology provides ample opportunity for businesses to implement chatbots into their websites and apps. We have all noticed the increasing popularity of voice search and augmented reality. These trends are paving way for significant changes in communication channels. Users can talk to these chatbots, and interact with them, which will assist the businesses in implementing these technologies into their functioning model.

9. Promote Customer Growth

One way businesses can get successful growth is by introducing chatbots into their brands and improving customer satisfaction. Customers, particularly Millennials, are becoming more demanding than ever before. They demand quick responses, and they expect instant gratification. And with this, businesses need to respond quickly too. Moreover, business leaders need to embrace this trend and offer solutions that meet their needs.


These are just some of the steps involved in building a profitable business on Inbound Marketing. Tell us more with regards to it and remain mindful of our most recent posts on this theme by visiting our site or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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