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How to Use Google Analytics 4 to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

You can use Google Analytics 4 as a tool to drive additional traffic to your site. Google Analytics is not used to show where traffic comes from and to tell statistics about your site. Many people may not know that you can use Google Analytics to analyse your website and increase your traffic thus bringing more visitors to your site.

First you may want to know more about Google Analytics and where it comes from. In April 2005 Google acquired Urchin Software Corp. and build Google Analytics. Google also used and acquired Measure Map and compiled it as part of Google Analytics. Google Analytics 4 shows a few statistics and is very useful for web developers, online advertisers and online business owners.

It can not only track visitors from different sites. It can track visitors from search engines, talking websites, social media and people who come directly to the website. Its a great piece of software, right?

I’m sure there are many guidelines and reports written there for Google Analytics such as how to use Google Analytics, what it is, etc. But this article is unique. This article will tell you how to increase your traffic and give you a step-by-step guide on how to apply these tips to your website.

Statistics are a great tool to check where your website traffic is coming from. You can even specify certain details and tell them which city they are from, which browser they are using, and how long they stay on your website. However, these are the best things you can find about your site, but the most important parts to look for in your Google Analytics website are these;

Traffic Sources> Overview – This lets you know how many people have visited your website and the day they visited your website. It also lets you know the exact percentage of search traffic, search engine traffic, referrals or campaigns. You can also use Analytics to track how well your AdWords campaign is performing and whether you should continue to pay for the AdWords campaign

Traffic Sources> Sources – Clicking on this tab in the sidebar lets you see which website traffic to your site. It helps you to understand where traffic is coming from so you can focus more on spending your time and effort on high quality sites.

Audience> Demographics> Location – Allows you to find out where your visitors are visiting your site and the average duration of their visit among other statistics. This is great information for you to see which country you want to market your website to the most.

Be sure to keep checking in Google Analytics 4 regularly for patterns in traffic patterns. Now, that doesn’t mean you stay in Analytics for 20 hours a day waiting for something to change. Just check every week or so to analyse statistics and see what traffic sources you can focus on.

It can be very beneficial for you if you find out what keywords your users use to look up your website. In the Statistics Dashboard when you first click on Traffic Sources in the Search Engine section, you can find out which keywords your users use to find your site. It gives you insight into the keywords you need to work on and the keywords you ignored.

Make sure you spend a lot of time on sites that bring you more traffic.

This is one of the most important things you can do and one of the most important things you can do. If you spend a lot of time on websites that bring you more traffic and less time on websites that don’t bring you traffic, you will surely pass. You will actually be removing sites that bring you less traffic. This is similar to the Pareto principle or better known as the 80/20 law, also used by Tim Ferris in The Four Hour Workweek. This rule suggests that 80% of your traffic will appear in the top 20% of sites referring to you.

To check where traffic is coming from and which sites give you the most traffic please follow these steps:

  • Select which site you want to see its statistics in the Google Analytics 4 dashboard. Once you have done this click Traffic Sources
  • Once you have done that click on Sources and then click Transfer.
  • Now you have to see all the sites that have sent you and which sites are targeting you. You can also see how long each user spends from that particular site and how many of those new users.
  • Explore which sites work best and focus on those that give you the most traffic. If Twitter gives you a lot of traffic, start focusing more on Twitter. When Facebook surpasses Google focus more on Facebook.
  • Start doing more of what works and reduce what doesn’t work!

Generate additional content that is popular with your users.

Examine what content is already popular with your users. Logically, the content that your users already find useful and that they view most, they will enjoy it if you produce similar content in it. When you produce more popular content it will attract more visitors, which will get more people to share your content which will bring you more visitors.

Here’s how to find out which content is most popular with you:

  • To view which pages are most popular on your site, go to the statistics dashboard.
  • Click the Content tab in the sidebar and then click Site Content and All Pages
  • Once you have done this you should be able to view all the statistics about your site including which pages are most visited
  • Analyse all statistics. Promote the same content on already popular pages.
  • You can likewise make a survey or study and ask your guests, what content they need on the site.
  • Write more articles and popular content
  • Share content on popular social networking sites

Lastly, you should focus on posting new content on your days when most visitors visit your site. If you submit new articles and content on the most popular days to your visitors, you will see an increase in traffic.

Google Analytics is a great tool you can use to analyse where traffic is coming from your site and how many visitors are visiting your site among many other statistics.

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