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How Money Making Apps makes you Rich?

You may have heard of people finding a way to get rich and live comfortably by using the internet, like through making money on a blog. But, you may not have heard of money-making apps. That’s because people are just starting to find out about them. There are a lot of different types of these apps but they all work based on the same principle: getting your friends to spend money in an app and then you get paid when they do. All it takes is downloading the right app and filling out some basic information like your email address, gender, and age group. You can often start making money within minutes with the money-making apps.

How to Use money making apps?

With one of these apps, developers will create a game where you can earn rewards. In return for that reward, you have to spend money on other apps from the same developer. Most of the time, it’s a matter of downloading an app for free and then completing various tasks or mini-games to get your reward. For example, if it’s a cooking app, you might have to cook many different meals or buy certain ingredients. If you want to use the money making app for yourself and not for a friend, it’s still pretty easy to get started. The first thing you need to do is look around on your phone. All the apps I’m talking about are available through Google and iTunes. You just search what you want to look up on Google or iTunes, then click on the app, download it and sign up. Once you have signed up and supplied your information, wait for them to send out emails about their offers that might interest you so that when they ask if you want to take part in an offer, be sure not to ignore it since this will hurt your chances of getting paid immediately.

Here are few ways that you can make more money from these apps:

1. Get referrals

One of the best ways to make even more money is by getting your friends to use the money making apps too. Each time one of your friends signs up through your referral, you will earn a nice commission. For example, if you get someone to register on an app that gives you $3 for each friend that signs up and they use it twice a month, you will get $90.

2. Complete offers

Another way to make money online with these money making apps is by completing offers or downloading games and doing things like watching videos in exchange for cash. This can be done through in-app purchases. Clicking around on the money making app to find offers and filling out the information that is required will usually earn you a $1-$3 bonus, depending on the size of your bonus.

3. Paid surveys

Most apps require you to sit and complete some type of survey or test like how many times you use their money making apps, how often they come in handy, etc… Some apps give a reward with your points while others do not. For example, if you receive 15 points per hour as a reward when doing surveys, then in return for doing 5 minutes worth of surveys every day (30 minutes), you will earn $3 every day.

4. Watch videos

If you want to get paid quickly, then be sure to watch a few videos. The last thing that I would recommend is actually using the money making app for a friend and getting them to sign up so that you can make money off of them as well. You can usually make anywhere from $5-$10 for each friend you refer to the money making apps and there’s no limit on how many friends you can have. 

5. Play games

If you’re in tune with the latest trends, then you may find yourself playing a game where you have to buy new clothes, makeup, etc. In return for doing the tasks in the game, you will get rewarded. You can usually earn $10-$20 in rewards for what can sometimes be completed within minutes.

List of some  money making apps:

1. Ibotta:

Ibotta is one of the most popular money making apps out there. You can earn money by taking pictures of your receipts, uploading them to your account, and then claiming cashback on what you have purchased from stores such as grocery stores, gas stations, and Amazon.

2. Shoop:

Shoop is another popular one where you can earn cash by shopping at participating stores for groceries, clothes, furniture, and more.

3. Gifthulk:

Gifthulk can be a bit tricky to understand but their concept is pretty cool. It’s a website where they post tons of offers that you can complete in exchange for cash or gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and others.

4. SafeCharge:

SafeCharge is a money making app on iTunes that you will have to pay $0.99 to download and then you can earn cashback when shopping with your phone.

5. Viggle:

Viggle is a very popular money making app where you can earn points for checking into TV shows or movies by scanning the barcode on the package or by checking in through their website after watching the show. You will receive points for doing so and then are able to redeem them for gift cards, prizes, and more.

6. PayTab Cash:

This app is only available on the Apple App Store and is a very popular one as well. This app charges you $2.99 to download but then you will receive cashback every time you shop through the same retailers that they partner with.

7. Appsfire:

Appsfire is another app where you can earn cash by finding hidden logos or images in money-making apps by going through the process of solving a puzzle. The image will appear every once in a while so that when it does, you’ll have to tap on it in order for it to expand, revealing the logo or other image behind it that you have to click on to complete your task and get paid.

8. BIG Points Survey:

BIG Points uses your own personal location and rewards you for walking into businesses or stores that you already shop at.

9. Opinion Outpost:

Opinion Outpost is one of the most popular ones where you can earn points for checking out surveys, watching videos, or even taking online quizzes and then redeeming them for cash or gift cards.

10. App Trailers:

AppTrailers is a great one to use especially if you’re into the latest apps, games, and trends that are out there. You can earn points by going through a series of questions related to these types of things and then redeeming them for either gift cards or cash.

11. Google Opinion Rewards:

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is answer a few questions, take a quick survey or watch a video and you’ll be paid points that you can later redeem for gift cards, cash, and other rewards.

12. Stack Cash:

Stack Cash is another game-based app where you can get money for completing small tasks in the game such as downloading it for free, watching some YouTube videos, or even playing some mini-games. 

13. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is another rewards website where you can earn points just by searching the web, watching videos, or even playing games like OMGZ that are available through their website. You can also redeem them for gift cards and other incentives in the form of cash or coins that can be redeemed for things like PayPal money. 

14. Fiverr:

Fiverr is another website that can be used for making extra money by completing small tasks such as writing blog posts, making the occasional video, or even doing some shopping around the web.

15. Thumbtack:

Thumbtack is a site that pays you for completing various tasks on short deadlines. You will have to pay a fee to have access to the site but it’s a pretty good one if you are looking to earn extra cash on the side. Remember, it’s only available in certain locations but can be universal depending on where you live or work in specific states and cities around the US. 

16. Pixie:

Pixie is a survey app where you can earn cash back just by completing surveys and answering questions. They have a daily bonus of $5-$50 per week depending on how many you do, so it’s definitely worth the time.


Making extra cash on the side can be fun, however, you should always consider your options and try to focus on the ones that are legitimate, and remember to always do your research before investing any money into something. Always keep in mind that there is no “get rich quick” scheme because it doesn’t exist. If you want to make money through these means, then you will have to put work into it and join in on the fun.

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