5 Best Professional Responsive WordPress themes for Blogging in 2021

Today I am going to tell you about 5 themes of wordpress which you can download responsive and userfriendly, adsfriendly and most importantly for free.

All the designs that I am going to give today are of simple and easy interface. If you want easy interface and Google prefers that the interface of the website should be easy. These 5 templates are user-friendly and responsive.


It will have your logo on the heading and social icons under it, your menu setup under it. This theme also has a slider. You can easily customize this theme. In this you will find a sticky menu. When you scroll the post, the menu will also scroll. There is not much coding in this theme so the post will load quickly.

Foodica Lite

You can use this theme for food related website or recipe related website. This does not mean that this theme does not work for another niche. But the photos in this theme match the foody website; But you can also customize it. In this theme you will see menu on left side and social icons on right side. In this theme you will find sidebar option in which you can show ads from Google Ads or other adnetwork. Also having the Instagram widget.


In this theme you will see menu on left side, logo on center and social icons on right side. Below is also your slider and below it your posts will appear. In it, they have shown the variance, how you can show the post. Has a slightly unique type theme. It does not have the option of share buttons. There are many plugins available for share buttons. You can use it. Plugins you can download for free in wordpress. If you like a theme, don’t ignore that theme for a particular reason, you can use other plugins for that. If there are no share buttons in this theme, you can use plugins.


If your website is related to niche technology and you don’t like your theme, you can use this theme. On the left side you will find the option to add pages and on the right side there is space for phone number and Gmail address. And below that is the menu option. In this theme you will find a slider which will give a professional look to your website. If you open the post, you will see the header related to that post, which will look attractive. Below you will see the content of your post. The interface of this theme is very cool.

Blogging Box

You will love this theme. In this theme you will see the sidebar at starting, it will change every time. Below you will see the option of labels. Interestingly, you will find two options, latest stories and most popular. The sidebar has a lot of follow us buttons, as well as popular and recent post options.

Here are 5 wordpress responsive themes that you can easily use. I hope you like these themes very much. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments. Feel free to share some suggestions.

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